Talking With… is talking at the Old Butcher Shop!

Tickets are now available through TryBooking for the next Theatre Onset show, Jane Martin’s Talking With… Just click here to secure your seat! Where else will you meet a rodeo queen discarded when the big end of town buys up her sport? Who else will let you into the world of snake handling for JesusContinue reading “Talking With… is talking at the Old Butcher Shop!”

Theatre Onset is taking it to the streets!

Well, street. Carp St, that is. In collaboration with the inaugural Festival of the Face, Theatre Onset is presenting Talking With…, monologues with a surprising twist. And one of those surprising twists is where the performances are taking place. Not in the Thimble Theatre this time, no-siree. This time an empty butcher shop in CarpContinue reading “Theatre Onset is taking it to the streets!”

Romeo and Juliet and the Enormous Knockers opens tonight!

We’re SOOOOO excited! Television stations from all around the world want to talk about our little theatre company. Of course, as members of the Elizabeth Street Players, we’re delighted! It’s just what Theodore P. Davenport himself, founder of the Theodore P. Davenport Centre for the Performing Arts would have hoped for. Unfortunately, Stony Flat Bay, home toContinue reading “Romeo and Juliet and the Enormous Knockers opens tonight!”

Bookings now open for Romeo and Juliet and The Enormous Knockers!

This show sounds AWESOME! Where can I book? I’m glad you asked. Just go to this handy little website here: and follow the prompts. If you have any difficulties, call 6492 4928 and we can sort them out for you. If you’re feeling lucky, tickets will also be available at the door (if thereContinue reading “Bookings now open for Romeo and Juliet and The Enormous Knockers!”

And here we go! Romeo and Juliet and the Enormous Knockers is underway!

If you are wondering what to do with yourself now that the play you were in is over or nearly over, then wonder no longer……… AUDITIONS!  AUDITIONS! AUDITIONS! Theatre Onset will be holding informal auditions for its first play in 2013, Romeo & Juliet and the Enormous Knockers.  A comedy/farce written by Bega writer, JamieContinue reading “And here we go! Romeo and Juliet and the Enormous Knockers is underway!”

Hold onto your hats: “Bombshells” is up next!

Six stories, six actresses, six bombshells, and not a sapper in sight. For seven shows only, Joanna Murray Smith’s award winning play is next up for Theatre Onset. The play is a series of six monologues, with director Di Nicol scouring the valley for six very different actresses to bring the individual stories to life.Continue reading “Hold onto your hats: “Bombshells” is up next!”

Winter warmer – a silent film night with a difference.

It’s hard enough to get audiences out of the house and into a theatre in mid-winter, even harder to get actors there! With this in mind, we have changed our regular programme somewhat and turned our winter play into a one-night-only film night – less work for everyone, and hopefully both the audience and regularContinue reading “Winter warmer – a silent film night with a difference.”

“Promise” opens next week!

After the success of Bench earlier this year, Theatre Onset returns in May, uniting with In Theatre for Promise, a funny, tender, vibrant and moving play by English playwright, Megan Barker and directed by David Stocker. Involving a large cast of adults and students and intricate staging, Promise tells the story of a small town set upon by scavenging media hordesContinue reading ““Promise” opens next week!”