The Company

A page under construction to help those with plays hook up with those to make plays come to life. Please let us know if you would like to be included in these categories, or if we need to add new ones (eg. if you own a ute, you might be listed under “transport”. Not to be confused with “will help you move house”). You can be listed in as many categories as you like. You can also be added to or removed from the lists whenever you want, however it is preferable that you stay on the lists and reserve the right to refuse projects.


Alex Nicol

Di Nicol

Chris Pratt

David Stocker


Jamie Forbes

Alex Nicol


Jamie Forbes

Rebecca Lupton

Alex Nicol

Niamh Nicol

Chris Pratt

Robert Buck



Rebecca Lupton (AV, lighting)
Jillian Rheinberger (lighting, sound)
Mahamati (lighting)

Chris Pratt

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