Goldilocks and the Three Bros!

For the past few months, the auditorium at the Uniting Church in Bega has been infested with dancing goats, overeager pigs, sleepy bears, dreadfully boring bees, lost children in lederhosen and mountains of porridge dispensed by a cranky Ghostbuster. 

Why? Because Theatre Onset has been rehearsing their brand-new show, Goldilocks and the Three Bros.

Written by Jamie Forbes and Luca Yi, featuring original songs by Jamie, Luca and Dennis Milsom, Goldilocks and the Three Bros is a hilarious pantomime romp suitable for all ages, performed by all ages.

This is Theatre Onset’s first large cast show since Bat Soup in 2020 and its first all-original production since 2013’s Romeo & Juliet and The Enormous Knockers.

It’s been a delight working with this cast,” says the show’s director, David Stocker. “The young actors have been inspiring the more experienced ones with their enthusiasm, and the older performers are teaching the young people a few tricks. It’s been a great community experience for us all. We can’t wait to share it with an audience.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if all your favourite fairy tales collided, come and see Goldilocks and The Three Bros. 

And if you haven’t wondered what would happen if your favourite fairy tales collided…come anyway.


  • 7pm on Friday 8th and 15th July
  • 11am on Saturday 9th & 16th July
  • 11am on Sunday 17th July
  • 2pm on Saturday 9th & 16th July

Tickets available at

Second Day of Goldilocks Auditions

Due to the number of people who are unable to get to an audition this Sunday 13th March, we will be holding a second audition on Sunday 20th March from 10:30am at the Uniting Church Auditorium in Gipps St, Bega.

If you have already booked in, then please let Becky Lupton know which audition you are coming to (you can come to both).  If you haven’t booked in for the group auditions and you would like to, please contact Becky to let her know you are coming.

We are auditioning for an original pantomime to be produced in the July School holidays with rehearsals in Bega.  This is a pantomime so there are songs – be prepared to get vocal and silly! We are looking for anyone from 10 or 11 to 90ish.  

For more information and to book a place, please email the producer, Becky Lupton, at, or call or text her on 0414 812 749.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our two auditions.


Goldilocks and The Three Bros auditions

Finally! It’s been a long time coming and we don’t need to tell you why; these have been crazy times. Theatre Onset have been brewing up entertainment, however, and have a new show in the works that needs a whole lot of cast!

Goldilocks and the Three Bros is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, mainly because it’s never been performed before. Written by Bega’s own Jamie Forbes and Luca Yi, Goldilocks is a pantomime with a cast of fairy tale characters, including three bears AND three bros. In all good pantomimes there are songs, so be prepared to get vocal and silly! Performances will be on during the July school holidays.

Group auditions will be held at the Uniting Church Auditorium in Gipps St, Bega, on Sunday March 13th at 10:30am. To book a place, or get further information, please email the producer, Becky Lupton, at, or call or text 0414 812 749.

2021 AGM minutes



Present:  Jamie Forbes, Rebecca Lupton, Mahamati, David Stocker, Dennis Stanton, Robert Buck, Amber Little

Apologies:  Alex Nicol, Di Nicol, Skye Etherington, Donna Cotter, Rachelle Blick, Corinne Markov, Kerry Hynes

Minutes of AGM 8th November 2020 read out and accepted

President’s Report – It’s always good to have something in the pipeline!

  • Despite a year of lockdowns, reduced audience capacity and the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was a good year.  
  • The Chump St tour held in March was fun, although the audiences were small and the workshops did not attract many participants.
  • “Venus in Fur”, held at Candelo Town Hall, was a great production.  Financially, was one of our most successful shows.  With only two in the cast, it was easier to get this show up and running.
  • “Goldilocks and the 3 Bros” written by Jamie, was workshopped with actors and the musicians in readiness for production in July 2022.
  • The committee spent time looking at the old Uniting Church in Bega with a view to using it as a theatre venue.  We started using it as a rehearsal and performance space until Covid hit. We will continue to use as needed.
  • Twyford Theatre is being built in Merimbula but is not ready yet and may not be ready for 2022 season.
  • The Bega Showground revamp is rumoured to have a theatre included.

Treasurer’s Report

  • No bank activity since July 2021
  • “Venus in Fur” was our highest grossing show ever, and we were able to pay our Sound and Lighting operators.
  • Outgoings:
    • $725 for insurance
  • Income
    • Grant for Chump St tour

New Committee elected:

  • President:  Jamie Forbes
  • Vice President:  David Stocker
  • Treasurer:  Rebecca Lupton
  • Secretary:  Mahamati
  • Committee:  Amber, Dennis, Robert
  • Public Officer:  Alex Nicol

General meeting followed:

  • “Mr Bailey’s Minder” was being rehearsed when the Covid lockdown hit and has not re-started.  Mahamati directing
  • Sandy Glass brought a children’s play to Theatre Onset with the view to performing it for local schools in 2022. 
  • “Odd Couple” and Äugust : Osage County” are on the backburner till Theatre Twyford is ready .
  • “Goldilocks and the 3 Bros” will be performed in July (indoor venue) and/or at Christmas in an outdoor venue (Magic Mt?)

Goldilocks and The Three Bros

We’re doing a reading of Goldilocks and The Three Bros at the old Uniting Church (125 Gipps Street, Bega) on Sunday, May 2, at 3pm. We just want to see what the first draft of this strange play for kids and strange people reads like before we put the finishing touches on the songs and start to workshop it with an aim to a November production. Please come along and lend us your talented opinions and opinionated talents.
Feel free to spread the word to any others who might be interested.