Free theatre workshops in fire-affected communities

Free theatre workshops in fire-affected communities

Theatre Onset are bringing their sold-out show, 21 Chump St, to four fre-affected communities in the Bega Valley, on the weekend of February 20th and 21st, 2021.

First performed in the Bega Valley as part of the COVID-buster show, Bat Soup, in September 2020, 21 Chump St is a 15 minute mini-musical by acclaimed composer and performer Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton). Set in a Florida high school, it tells the story of an idealistic undercover cop and her wide-eyed mark, and showcases Miranda’s trade-mark hip-hop and rap music.

The cast of 21 Chump St features talented young actors from the Valley, ranging in age from 15 to 22 as high school students, with professional actor Jamie Forbes in the role as the Narrator. The band is made up of a mix of professional musicians and students.

Theatre Onset will be visiting the communities of Towamba and Wyndham on Saturday the 20th of February, with Bemboka and Quaama on Sunday the 21st. There they will perform the show and afterwards run workshops in acting, music and dance with any interested locals. Due to the adult themes in the show (drug sale), it is recommended that it may not be appropriate for children under 13.

The series of workshops has been made possible by a Bushfre Recovery grant from the COORDINARE: PHN South Eastern NSW, targeting communities that are relatively isolated or remote. Audience and participant numbers will be limited by hall COVID restrictions, so bookings are essential. You are welcome to attend the show only, and shows and workshops are free of charge.

Times for the show/workshops are as follows:

Saturday 20 February:

10am: Towamba 2pm: Wyndham

Sunday 21 February:

10am: Bemboka 2pm: Quaama

Bookings can be made at or by calling Becky Lupton on 0414 812 749.

All the adults associated with the workshops have Working With Children clearance.

Upcoming Season of Short Plays

Dear theatre lovers of the Bega Valley,

Theatre Onset will be presenting a season of short plays in mid-late September in Bega. We think that by September, it will be possible to have a small audience attend the theatre but we will have to wait and see how many that is.

We have decided to launch this project as the casts will be small with rehearsals able to be at the discretion of Directors and Actors. We will work within the current social distancing requirements (whatever they are by July/August/September) and we will make sure that the production is held safely and all personnel involved looked after. Audiences too. If by then, there is another spike in COVID-19 cases and we go back into lockdown, we will of course, cancel the production!

The plays will need to have small casts and small production requirements. We are not sure of the venue yet so don’t think too big! We are looking for:

· Directors – if you have a short play you would like to present and would like to direct it, we would like to hear from you. It may be possible to split the Directors and the plays, ie. if you would like to direct but don’t have a play, or if you have a play but don’t want to direct, please let me know.

· Actors – we will need actors of course. Casting will be up to the directors.

· Props and costumes – if you are interested and have time to help make props and costumes in the privacy of your own home, please let me know in case we need you.

We will be curating the show to make sure we have a good spread of plays. If you would like to be a part of this show, please send me an expression of interest and we would like to see a copy of the play by Friday 19th June (scan and send to me preferably). We will be deciding on the show by the end of June.

Hopefully, we will be able to go ahead with our plans – we are all itching to get back into it!

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you around the Valley sometime.



Secretary, Theatre Onset

Abstract Expressionism

Here’s a message from Mahamati Currie about the new production for Theatre Onset:

Dear theatre friends,
In amongst the devastation in our beautiful part of the world, my thoughts turn to performance. I would like to produce a play and would like to hear from anyone interested in helping out either on or off stage. We will rehearse the play from Feb-May and perform in mid May – all over by end of May. The play is called “Abstract Expressionism” by Theresa Rebeck, an American playwright. The play is witty, biting, full of relationship with some great roles. I am looking for:
· Female 60’s
· Female, late 30’s
· Female, late 20’s
· Character, mid 50’s. Written as a black male, if necessary, the part could be either male or female, black or white (I might be wrong about this but we will give it a go).
· Male, mid 50’s
· Male, 40
· Male, 30
· Male or female x 2, mid 30’s-40’s – smaller parts

I will be having an initial read through and we can all express our interest this Thursday 16th January at Mumbulla School at 6pm. If you would like to EOI but can’t be there at that time, please call me, text me or email me. And, of course, if the weather and fire emergency turns nasty again, we will postpone. Also looking for costumiers, set designers and builders, backstage help, marketing wizards, gofers and helpers of all sorts.

May you all be safe and come through this time with joy still in your hearts,
Mahamati 0448 248 322
Theatre Onset

AGM and Bit of a Do

Dear Members & Friends of Theatre Onset Inc,

Theatre Onset will have its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 18th December at 5pm at our President, Robert Buck’s house at 62 Parabell St, North Bega.  If you have energy and availability and would like to join the committee, you would be very welcome.  We are a small committee so more active hands would be great!  If you can’t make the AGM but would be happy to be on the committee, let me know.


  1. Ratify minutes from last year’s AGM
  2. Reports from President, Treasurer and Secretary
  3. Election of office bearers
  4. Any General Business


This sounds very dry but we will make it short and snappy and then we can nibble and have a drink!  Bring a plate and a drink if you can.

RSVPs would be appreciated.




Theatre Onset