Hold onto your hats: “Bombshells” is up next!

Six stories, six actresses, six bombshells, and not a sapper in sight.

For seven shows only, Joanna Murray Smith’s award winning play is next up for Theatre Onset. The play is a series of six monologues, with director Di Nicol scouring the valley for six very different actresses to bring the individual stories to life. Starring Theatre Onset regulars Jennifer Willcox, Barbara Sekuless, Liz Brennan, and Niamh Nicol, they are joined by newcomer Alison Vandenbergh and we welcome Footprint Theatre’s Lis Shelley for her maiden turn on the Thimble stage.

Tickets will sell fast for this popular show, so book early on 6492 2619 to secure your corner of the Thimble Theatre. Prices are $20 and $15 concession.

Show dates are October 26-28 and November 1-4. Evening shows start at 8:00pm, Sunday shows are matinees, commencing at 3:00pm.

The Thimble Theatre is in the grounds of Bega High School, Upper St entrance.

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