And here we go! Romeo and Juliet and the Enormous Knockers is underway!

If you are wondering what to do with yourself now that the play you were in is over or nearly over, then wonder no longer………


Theatre Onset will be holding informal auditions for its first play in 2013, Romeo & Juliet and the Enormous Knockers.  A comedy/farce written by Bega writer, Jamie Forbes, R&J and the EK has a large cast for people aged between teens and 60. 

Mahamati will be directing the play and performances will start at the end of Term 1 2013.  You will need to be available for rehearsals from the end of January on Tuesday and Thursday nights and some weekends. 

If you are interested in being in this stupendous play, please come to the Thimble Theatre next Sunday, 2nd December sometime from 2-5pm to have a reading and a try out for interested people. 

Tell your friends!  Encourage them to try out too!  Plays are more fun if you have your friends around you!

Any questions or if you can’t make it on Sunday, please get in touch with Mahamati on 0448 248 322 or 6492 6117 or

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