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New Alex Nicol play reading!



That’s right … plays!!!

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SAVE THE DATE:  Theatre Onset and the Festival of the Face bring you 3 staged play readings in the month of July.  All on Sunday, all at 3pm, all tickets $10 at the door.  All three play readings will be performed at the new Funhouse Studio, 3 Hill St, Bega (the old Top Video store).


Sunday 17th July:  Boston Marriage by David Mamet

Boston Marriage is set in a late Victorian Boston drawing room, the scene of much backbiting wit from Anna and Claire. Anna is being kept by a married man, but she prefers the company of women. Claire has become infatuated with a much younger woman whom she hopes Anna will help her seduce. Mamet’s play gives us his trademark blunt language and scheming characters, set rather unusually among the Victorian female intellectual set.

Cast:  Liz Brennan, Mahamati and Jennifer Willcox.  Directed by David Stocker


Sunday 24th July:  Cosi by Louis Nowra

Set in 1971, all the action in Cosi takes place inside an insane asylum and against a backdrop of the Vietnam war. Desperate for work and fresh out of

uni, Lewis is hired to direct a play starring the inmates from the asylum, with hilarious results. Somehow that play becomes a staged rendition of the

Mozart opera Cosi Fan Tutte, despite none of the actors being able to sing.

Cast:  Jamie Forbes, Becky Lupton, Alex Nicol, Bob Buck, Kerry Hynes, Kassowari Fenton, Heidi Brennan, Barbara Sekuless, John Fitzmaurice and Indigo Walker.  Directed by Di Nicol


Sunday 31st July:  Rope by Patrick Hamilton

Based on a true story and set in 1929, when the play was written, Rope tells the story of two privileged young men who extend that privilege too far. They

decide to murder a fellow undergraduate for the thrill of it, and to demonstrate their intellectual prowess, however their arrogance becomes

their undoing as they take things too far by hosting a party on the evening of the murder.  This time, the butler didn’t do it.

Cast:  Jordan Ing, Hayden Riley, Jamie Forbes, Alex Nicol, Mahamati, Kerry Hynes and Indigo Walker.  Directed by Becky Lupton



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Theatre Onset Does Away With Schools

A wee update on what’s going on. Theatre Onset is presenting rehearsed readings of Away for high school students in the area. It’s a play that’s on their syllabus, so director Becky Lupton thought it might help the students to hear the play read by a group of fine TO actors. Good on you, folks.



Do you have a story to tell?

Alex Nicol will be conducting a writing/acting workshop over two weekends, commencing this Saturday and concluding next Sunday, the 17th.

Keep reading for more info…

Everyone has a story to tell and Theatre Onset and Footprint Theatre will combine in January with a workshop designed to bring that story to life.

Over two weekends in January the workshop will unlock the secrets of some of the great theatrical storytellers. Tutor, Alex Nicol, has fifty years of experience as a broadcaster and a playwright and knows a good story when he hears one. ‘The thing is there’s always something behind a good story; something lurking under the surface. The trick is to know how to dig and then to work with what you’ve found.

‘Watch the best stand-up comedians,’ he says. ‘Their material is usually drawn from the commonplace it’s the way the individual story is built, added to and the way it’s presented that makes it work.’

Nicol worked for some 40 years as a producer and presenter with the ABC in radio and television and has had his theatrical works produced in London, New York, Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane. ‘I truly believe that everyone has a story inside them all they need is the techniques needed to bring it to life.’

The workshops will be staged over two weekends Saturday and Sunday January 9, 10 and 16, 17. They’ll run from 10 am to 3pm each day.

‘These are not writing workshops,’ Nicol says. ‘They’re about the art of telling a story. I hope they might encourage people to go away and write their story. I hope too that after the workshops people might like to try the fun of bringing someone else’s work to life. If that’s the case I’ll undertake to find a suitable performance piece and we’ll work on it together.’

The workshops are open to anyone over the age of 14 years at a cost of $50 which includes membership of Theatre Onset. They’ll be staged at the Thimble Theatre in the grounds of Bega High School. Those interested in attending are invited to ring 64922619 to book their place.

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