Venus in Fur opens soon, book now!!!

Bega’s Theatre Onset is excited to present Venus in Fur by David Ives at the Candelo Town Hall in March, 2021. The play features Amber Little and Jesse Tankard, and is directed by Mahamati.

Thomas Novachek is auditioning actresses to star in his new play, an adaptation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs, the 1870 novel that inspired the word masochism. So far Thomas has found no-one up to playing his lead, Vanda. He’s about to give up when a sexy, brash and seemingly clueless actress barges in and demands an audition.

Her name?
As a storm descends on the city outside, Thomas and Vanda embark on a journey that will challenge him and define her.
Venus in Fur is spellbinding and kinky, hilarious and frightening, seductive and brilliant. Just like Vanda.

And the Lord hath smitten him and delivered him into a woman’s hands …

Performances between Friday 19 March 2021 and Sunday 28 March 2021. Night time

performances at 7:30pm and 2 matinees at 3pm at the Candelo Town Hall. (conc). Bookings essential –
Running time 90 minutes.

Venus in Fur will be performed in one act and will not include an interval. Suitable for adult audiences.

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