Auditions for Flora and Ulysses.

First round of auditions have turned up some great young talent BUT, where are the oldies? This show can’t go ahead without the commitment of a crew that could be part of a really inventive and colourful show. We need Actors Male and female (mid 40’s) Crew: People with imagination and skill to build aContinue reading “Auditions for Flora and Ulysses.”


Bega’s Theatre Onset plans to add an extra dimension to the summer festivities on the coast. The company is currently in negotiation for the performance rights of Flora and Ulysses, the smash hit Kid’s show with plans for a January production. A successful bid would likely see the company stage the Australian premiere. Company president,Continue reading “ONSET TO PREMIERE CHILDREN’S SHOW?”

SUNDAY PEOPLE Written and Performed by Alex Nicol

On Friday 11 August  a one man show written and performed by Alex Nicol and based on his experiences of producing and presenting All Ways On Sunday opens at the Funhouse. All Ways On Sunday was a three and a half hour national radio program that Alex started back in 1969 (it’s still running underContinue reading “SUNDAY PEOPLE Written and Performed by Alex Nicol”