Goldilocks and the Three Bros!

For the past few months, the auditorium at the Uniting Church in Bega has been infested with dancing goats, overeager pigs, sleepy bears, dreadfully boring bees, lost children in lederhosen and mountains of porridge dispensed by a cranky Ghostbuster. 

Why? Because Theatre Onset has been rehearsing their brand-new show, Goldilocks and the Three Bros.

Written by Jamie Forbes and Luca Yi, featuring original songs by Jamie, Luca and Dennis Milsom, Goldilocks and the Three Bros is a hilarious pantomime romp suitable for all ages, performed by all ages.

This is Theatre Onset’s first large cast show since Bat Soup in 2020 and its first all-original production since 2013’s Romeo & Juliet and The Enormous Knockers.

It’s been a delight working with this cast,” says the show’s director, David Stocker. “The young actors have been inspiring the more experienced ones with their enthusiasm, and the older performers are teaching the young people a few tricks. It’s been a great community experience for us all. We can’t wait to share it with an audience.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if all your favourite fairy tales collided, come and see Goldilocks and The Three Bros. 

And if you haven’t wondered what would happen if your favourite fairy tales collided…come anyway.


  • 7pm on Friday 8th and 15th July
  • 11am on Saturday 9th & 16th July
  • 11am on Sunday 17th July
  • 2pm on Saturday 9th & 16th July

Tickets available at

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