Bringing quality amateur theatre to the Bega Valley

Our next production with history making for Theatre Onset – as surprising as it may seem, this is the first joint InTheatre and Theatre Onset production, with hopefully many more to come.

A dark, absurd comedy set in a year 10 classroom over a school period, maths teacher on the edge Mr Jones finds himself in front of an insolent, hot and bothered drama class. Will he get out of this with his faculties intact and his trousers on? Will he get out of it at all?

Mr Jones comes with some history; written by Jamie Forbes in 1989,  Mr Jones was initially produced by the Endeavour Theatre Company and was the first external production to be performed at the then newly renovated Thimble Theatre. Since then it has been workshopped and performed by St Martins youth theatre in Melbourne, produced as a radio play by the ABC (apparently the only one ever to generate a fan letter) and is, appropriately, currently being studied by an HSC drama class in Queensland. It has been re-written with several incarnations marking the different eras of production – this one includes updated references to celebrities, reality television and there are mobile phones.

Many, many mobile phones.


Jamie reprises his original role as Mr Jones and Rebecca Lupton is also once again appearing as the daft Senior Constable Beatrice Radish.


Performances are scheduled for two weekends commencing November 19th. Stay tuned for further information and booking details.

Comments on: "And now for Mr Jones" (2)

  1. Gryphus said:

    Is there any update to this production, times, cast members??

    • Thanks for your interest!

      Performances are in November on the 18th and 19th at 7.00pm, Sunday the 20th at 3.00pm, and the 25th and 26th at 7.00pm, Sunday the 27th at 3.00pm, all at the Thimble Theatre on the Bega High School grounds.

      The cast is:
      Mr Jones – Jamie Forbes
      Mrs Dwight – Katie Burrell
      Senior Counstable Beatrice Radish – Rebecca Lupton
      Jenny – Niamh Nicol and Rhiannon Silviolli
      Crane – Brayden Jones
      Grof – Brianna Shaw and Annalise Nolan
      Greg – Conner Goulay
      Bali – Emma Blacker
      Jane – Adam Silverwood
      Bean – Ella Davies
      Zap – Joe Walker
      Exchange students – Rohan Nolan and Tim Shaw
      (apologies for any spelling errors)

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