Auditions, readings

Theatre Onset in Bega is holding auditions and play readings for two plays to be performed in 2018:

1.       The first is for a play to be directed by Alex Nicol and performed in January 2018 (need to be available throughout November, December and January for rehearsal and performance). We are looking for a cast of 7.   Flora and Ulysses, adapted from the children’s book by Kate D’Camillo, is the unlikely tale of a squirrel sucked into a vacuum cleaner and who, as a result, has super powers. He gets his name from the enormous Ulysses 2000 X vacuum cleaner that sucked him up. Our super powered squirrel, like all good super heroes is strong and can fly but better yet, he writes poetry. He is adopted by Flora the ten year old daughter of a romance writing mother and a dithering father.

We would like to hear from people interested in the following:

·         a cast of seven with some actors doubling in smaller roles

i.      two young people capable of playing ten year old Flora and eleven year old William Spiver (ideally teenagers)

ii.      an actor capable of voicing Ulysses and manipulating a hand puppet.

iii.      A great character part for an older woman

iv.      two  roles for thirty/forty something women and

v.      a poor sad sack of a dad.

·         a designer who could bring the comic book  style of set to life

·         costume makers for the bright simple costumes,

·         carpenters for the comic-book cut out furniture; and

·         a live orchestra – someone with imagination to come up with weird ways of making sounds and performing them live during the show

Anyone interested in performance, backstage or technical roles should come to the Funhouse in Bega on Sunday 22 October 2-5pm.  Actors interested in auditioning are invited to call Alex Nicol on 6492 2619 to arrange an appointment.


2.       The second is for the play,  Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, directed by David Stocker.  A play about hard decisions in a hard time, set in the Depression years.  Cast needed is for mainly males (piece workers on a barley farm).  This is a good play for new actors as there is a bunch of smallish parts.  A playreading will be held at the Funhouse on Sunday 5th November from 2pm at the Funhouse.  Please call David Stocker on 6492 6117 for further info, otherwise just turn up.  Set designers and builders also required.

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