SUNDAY PEOPLE Written and Performed by Alex Nicol

On Friday 11 August  a one man show written and performed by Alex Nicol and based on his experiences of producing and presenting All Ways On Sunday opens at the Funhouse. All Ways On Sunday was a three and a half hour national radio program that Alex started back in 1969 (it’s still running under Ian Mcnamara as Australia All Over).

The show runs for one and a half hours of story telling.

The venue is the Old Video store in Bega, now the Fun House.

Performances Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 August, and Saturday and Sunday 19 and 20 August.

Big discounts are available for group bookings and social groups etc might like to look at it as a fund raiser.

There’s some interest in the show touring so be the first to see it in Bega!postcard sunday.png

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