The Ramayana

For all those who expressed interest in being in Theatre Onset and In Theatre’s next production, The Ramayana, please come to the Mumbulla School Hall at 37 Bega St Bega on Thursday 5th Feb (this week) from 4-6pm and/or next Tuesday 10th Feb from 4-7pm and sign up (you can come to both days).
For those who haven’t already expressed interest and would like to know more, The Ramayana is an Indian epic which we will perform with great music, great dancing and great acting. In Theatre is Theatre Onset’s youth arm and this play is for High School aged students – from all High Schools and home schoolers.
At out two meetings, we will read through some parts of the play, talk about others, play some games and generally get the ball rolling. It is kind of like an audition but more for me to meet you so I know what you can do. If you can’t make it on either of those two days, please get in touch by email ( or by mobile 0448 248 322.
Performance dates are in early May so before you come, make sure you are able to be there and preferably that you have some time during the April holidays! Rehearsals will be after school in Bega (prob Tues and Thursdays) and some weekends. Apologies to those who have already spoken to me about being in The Ramayana – my email and computer have been out of action for over a month and I haven’t been able to access my lists so I have not been able to send you a direct invitation! I hope you see this and you come on tues and/or thurs.
Any questions or for more info, please get in touch,
Theatre Onset

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